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We are proud to present ourselves as the best online clothes retailer. We offer exciting shopping experience to men, women, teens, children and new born. Our slogan is ‘shop easy’. Our goal always is customer satisfaction.

The Harpers Ferry Books was founded with the focus of helping people meet their clothing needs effortlessly. Also our founders are ardent admirers of technology. They wanted to create a healthy difference in people’s life using technology and hence the idea to open an online clothes shop that offers several benefits to people and the society.

We emphasize on our customers’ joyful online shopping experience without any apprehensions about the quality. We understand that the main factor missing in online clothes shopping is touch and feel of the fabric. Hence, we always follow the practice of uploading videos on product demos. By this way, our customers can have a clear idea of the fabric and quality.

The return policies of Harpers Ferry Books are very customer-friendly. We are happy to bear the shipping cost, if the mistake is ours. We understand that mistakes are bound to happen in online shopping and if you have purchased a wrong product, you can still return without losing much money as we bear 50% of the shipping cost.

Apart from the shopping values, the company is a proud follower of certain environment and society friendly policies.

We believe in giving back to the environment in a better way and hence support two NGOs that focus on empowerment of disabled and mentally challenged children. We support the living cost of 300 children and hence whatever you purchase from us goes for a good cause.

Also we are against child-labor and all of our clothes manufacturing factories are strictly adhering to the policy.

We follow stringent recycling policies and thus minimize the pollution caused to the environment.

With all of these game-changing policies, we certainly believe you will cherish the shopping experience with us.


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